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8004 Zürich


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Blending art with high-quality print products has been the metier of J.E. Wolfensberger AG since the printing house was first founded in 1902.
As a result of advances in planographic printing and through to more productive offset printing, Wolfensberger Lithographic Printers became exclusively an art printing studio from the early 1960s onward.
We operate a publishing house with a catalogue including a number of original graphic prints and books. These editions lay claim to excellence both artistically and in terms of the printing techniques used in their production.
We are also held in esteem for our longstanding experience in framing and hanging artworks, as well as in advising collectors and giving expert assessments.


We bid you a warm welcome!
Thomi Wolfensberger



Thomi Wolfensberger

  • Lithographer and publisher
  • Preparatory course at Zurich University of the Arts
  • Apprenticeship in letterpress and offset printing
  • Training in lithography
  • Printing engineer HF
  • MAS Arts Management


Adem Dërmaku

  • Lithography employee
  • University of Pristina Art School, independent artist


Sebastian Rinderknecht

  • Employee